About Sara


I’m a pastormom. It’s kind of like the nature of the Trinity. I’m fully pastor. I’m fully mom. It’s no longer about juggling hats. It’s about reconciling the hats and appreciating the complexity.

I’m in the early years of professional ministry in the United Methodist Church. They are formative, exciting, and difficult. My children are also in their early years and by that I mean, they’re tiny, diaper-wearing, paci-hoarding, blankie-dragging, energy-suckers.

I’m a solo parent right now but that’s ok. I’ve got a whole village of people from my kiddo-loving congregation to my very supportive family and friends. My boys don’t lack in love.

My greatest hope in this life is to play an active role in healing a hurting world while maintaining a personal world void of hurt. I didn’t say that was possible — only that it’s my hope.

These writings reflect the journey, the successes, the failures, the passions, and those hopes.